Seminar – Efficient packaging processes

Ploiesti West Park hosted on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018, the seminar “ABC’s of effective packaging process”. The event was organized by IHOPE REAL that has its test center located within the park, a company specialized in solutions and packaging technologies, in collaboration with ARILOG, association that promotes and develops knowledge and performance in logistics, transportation and distribution, regardless of the activity domain.

During the seminar, IHOPE and the business partners from Germany, Sweden and Finland have presented case studies and innovative technologies type 4D-5D used for pallets packing in order to ensure the protection of goods and stability of the pallets, solutions implemented by Nestle, Unilever, Coca-Cola and Heineken in Europe.

Pallets packing demonstrations were performed with the 5D stretch hood equipment used in the optimization of packaging applications for logistic solutions, already implemented by Carrefour Spain, DM Germany, Denmark Trixie, DSV Netherlands. 

For industrial goods and food industry packaging, for courier and road security and marketing purposes – the band system, the 2D - 6D solutions were tested. 

The event was attended by representatives of logistic companies, retail, automotive, food industry, that operate on the Romanian market.