Intermodal train terminal Ploiesti successfully handed over to Intermodal Services srl


Allianso Terminal offers intermodal services, connecting rail and road cargo traffic for numerous shippers and transport companies, thereby actively reducing the carbon footprint of cargo transportation. The terminal has been developed by the Belgian Alinso Group.

As per October 1st, 2018, Intermodal Services SRL has taken over the business and will further operate and develop the Ploiesti intermodal terminal. Intermodal Services aims to continue the valuable business relationships with the current stakeholders and to deliver a high-quality service to all interested shippers and transportation companies. Alinso Group and Intermodal Services will further collaborate towards the Ploiesti and Romanian business community. Currently the terminal offers regular railway services to the port of Constanta and to Central and Western Europe via the gateway terminal in Budapest, as well as value-added services on-site. Further extensions of available rail connections will be considered in the foreseeable future.