There are two major state aids in Romania:

  1. State Aid Scheme for supporting investments which promote regional development through the creation of new jobs, established under GD332/2014 (grant for wage cost)

    This state aid scheme finances maximum 50% of the employer’s total salary costs (gross wage and mandatory employer’s contributions incidental to that gross wage) for newly created jobs for a period of two consecutive years, provided that the newly-created jobs result directly from an investment project.

    Maximum aid intensity for this type of project ranges from 15% in Bucharest and 35% in Ilfov county and the Western region of Romania to 50% in all other regions of Romania.

    Maximum aid value similarly ranges from 11.25million EUR in Bucharest and 26.25 mil. EUR (Ilfov county and Western region) to 37.5 million EUR in all other regions of Romania.

  2. State Aid Scheme for stimulating investments with a major impact on the economy, established under GD no. 807/2014 (grant for equipment acquisition, buildings).

    The maximum value of the state aid ranges between 11.25 million and 37.5 million EUR, depending on the region in which the investment is being carried out.

    Aid intensity also varies depending on the region of implementation, and can range between 15% and 50%.

    Types of eligible costs that may be requested for financing through this state aid scheme are:

    • tangible assets: construction of new buildings (aprox. 360 euro/ sqm built area –   eligible standard cost), procurement of technical installations, machinery and equipment

    • intangible assets (costs with technology transfer through the acquisition of intellectual property rights: patents, licenses, know-how or unpatented technical knowledge)

    • rental costs for existing construction, only during project implementation period.