Rockwool Group chooses for Alinso for its expansion in Romania

Ivan Lokere, CEO of Alinso Group: “PWP continues to grow and create jobs and welfare to the local community. We are glad to welcome the Rockwool Group in PWP park.”

Rockwool Group made an investment of about 50 million EUR in a mineral rock wool factory which will directly create 150 jobs and indirectly 300, for services and logistics. The new production facility will be located on a land of 30 hectares in Aricestii Rahtivani, near Ploiesti, Prahova County and will be the first plant of mineral rock wool in Romania, developed by Rockwool Group. The project will strengthen the strong presence of the group in Romania, which is active on the market of almost 20 years through the local sales branch.

The plant will contribute to the local economic growth given that most of the raw material and logistics services will come from Romania, and most of the workforce employed directly by Rockwool or subcontractor will be local. The process for issuing the necessary permits and authorizations was initiated so that the production of rock wool is estimated to begin in 2019.

This investment will allow us to better support Romania's efforts to increase fire safety and energy efficiency in buildings in the country. We encourage the Government to continue to work with Member States of the European Union within the platform for exchange of information on fire (FIEP) and other initiatives that will improve fire safety regulations. As a global leader in the manufacture of incombustible rock wool, we are open to share with the authorities, customers and other stakeholders all the knowledge and expertise that we have accumulated over the 80 years we have made more comfortable, energy-efficient and fire safe buildings ", declared Gilles Maria, Senior Vice President, Rockwool Group.

For almost 20 years we deliver services and high quality insulation products to our Romanian customers, and this factory, once completed, will allow us to offer support even higher in Romania and neighboring countries. We are pleased to become part of the local community in Prahova and Romania and we want to thank the Government of Romania, Invest Romania and the authorities in Prahova county and Aricestii Rahtivani for support and cooperation for this investment project”, added Rafael Rodriguez, Managing Director, Rockwool South Europe.

The present announcement follows the statement made by the Rockwool Group on February 24th, 2017, expressing its intention to buy land to expand production in the United States, Sweden and Romania.