Press release: Launch of the construction works of the first company in the Tech Lane Ghent logistics hub zone

On November 8, 2017, the construction of the first building was started on Eiland Zwijnaarde, which together with the Technology Park Ardoyen is repositioned as Tech Lane Ghent. Alinso Group is building a crossdockcenter for Mainfreight. The start of the first construction in the Tech Lane Ghent logistics zone is a new milestone in the development of this extremely well-developed business area. The 35 hectare business park becomes a knowledge hub of many companies, logistics and water-based distribution.

Launch of the first construction

The start of the construction works in the Tech Lane Ghent logistics zone by Alinso Group, means the beginning of the effective completion of the industrial area. This entails a new phase, after a necessary period of preparatory work.

Alinso Group starts with the construction of a logistics hub for Mainfreight, which will expand its crossdock operations from Ostend to Tech Lane Ghent Logistics. It is mainly about transhipment of goods. A new transfer centre will be built on the southern part of Tech Lane Ghent Logistics.

Jan De Clerck jr: "Mainfreight has chosen Tech Lane Ghent  because of the ideal geographical location of this business area”

Sustainable business park

Ivan Lokere:Eiland Zwijnaarde is the result of a long and fruitful cooperation between Alinso Group and the public partners. The vision and perseverance of our shareholder and the public sectors have made us able to develop Eiland Zwijnaarde into an all-round, sustainable and future-oriented business area, in symbiosis with its environment”

The area of 35 hectares in the south of Ghent is located in a strategic location along the E40, companies and employees of the business park will have a direct connection to the Schelde Canal and a direct access to the R4. The business park is being developed with a high level of ambition in terms of sustainability and architectural quality.

Mathias De Clercq, Chairman of nv Eiland Zwijnaarde: “With the development of this business park, we provide additional space in Ghent for both knowledge-intensive companies in biotech, cleantech and health tech as well as logistics and distribution companies. This is good for the employment in Ghent. Mainfreight will bring around 100 jobs to Ghent. In the long term, we are seeking after 3,500 jobs for the entire site.”

Eiland Zwijnaarde site is being developed by 2 authorities:

NV Eiland Zwijnaarde is responsible for building the areas south of E40. Eiland Zwijnaarde NV is a Private Public Cooperation consisting of :

  • developer Alinso Group,
  • Sogent (Ghent Urban Development Company)

  • POM (Provincial Development Company) and

  • PMV (Flemish investment company).

Waterwegen en Zeekanaal nv is responsible for the development of the lands north of E40.

The project is supported by the Flemish government (Enterprise and Innovation Agency and Roads and Traffic Agency). Also the Province of East Flanders and the city of Ghent are partners of the project.

Eiland Zwijnaarde and Technology Park Ardoyen are repositioned as Tech Lane Ghent.Tech Lane Ghent Logistics is located entirely on the site Eiland Zwijnaarde, Tech Lane Ghent Science Park is located partly on Eiland Zwijnaarde and on Technology Park Ardoyen.

Timing and impact of the works

The construction works of Alinso Group started on November 8, 2017. The end of the work is scheduled for the second quarter of 2018. Given the location of the site, little annoyance is to be expected during the works; the use of the bike path along E40 and R4 (between Merelbeke and Zwijnaarde, towards Merelbeke) is guaranteed at all times

About Alinso Group

Alinso Group manages and develops future-oriented business parks and build-to-suit projects. Alinso Group is, as private developer, partner of the project Eiland Zwijnaarde NV from the beginning.

Alinso Group is, besides Belgium, also active in Romania, where it develops and manages a business park with a surface area of 300 ha in north of Bucharest under the name PWP, with well-known international clients such as Unilever, General Electric, Nestlé, Honeywell and ENI.


About Mainfreight

The Mainfreight Group is a worldwide logistics service provider, providing solutions for integrated and personalized storage, transportation, (road transport, sea and air freight) and distribution based on customer needs.

Mainfreight counts over 200 locations worldwide, covering New Zealand, Australia, Asia, the United States and Europe. Within Europe, the Mainfreight Group has 28 branches.

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