Press release - ALINSO GROUP: leadership in sustainable developments

Ivan Lokere - CEO, Christophe Stroobant - Business Unit Manager Romania and Marcel Constantin - Manager Finance & Administration Romania at Alinso Group highlight the key elements of the strategy for the continuous development of Ploiesti West Park.  

Which are in your opinion the key strengths of ALINSO Romania and the advantages offered by the international platform and connections to Belgium of ALINSO, in relation to future clients and partners?

The key strengths of ALINSO Romania are the ONE STOP SHOP concept and a fast delivery of the building that allows our clients to be „Care Free” and focus on their core business. One of ALINSO GROUP differentiates itself compared to its competitors due to its high flexibility in the design, both before and even during construction. To develop, deliver and maintain efficient and future proof business space is our mission. PLOIESTI WEST PARK is one of the projects which is a result of this: energy efficient buildings on a park serving a wide diversity of industrial and logistic clients. ALINSO GROUP created a strong business community within PLOIESTI WEST PARK and has facilitated the collaboration between different companies.  PLOIESTI WEST PARK is located very close to Bucharest and only 40 km away from Otopeni airport, Ploiesti benefits from its ideal combination to be close to the capital, benefitting from an optimal infrastructure and connection to the other parts of the country and south eastern Europe and an affordable labor cost and very well educated people thanks to the technical university in Ploiesti. (IL)

How would you describe the evolution of the PLOIESTI WEST PARK, which were the key ambitions, the corner stones?

PLOIESTI WEST PARK developed from greenfield into a renowned business park who delivers premium business space to more than 50 companies. Currently more than 2,500 people work on a daily basis in PLOIESTI WEST PARK.  Our ambition is to continue to deliver modern future proof business space in line with the changing needs of our customers. Our main corner-stones are flexibility, sharp delivery, One Stop Shop concept including top quality park management and services.  (CS)

Which are the main accomplishments of ALINSO in 2015 / 2016, your objectives for 2016/2017?

ALINSO GROUP designed and is currently building a new multi-tenant building of 9,000 sq. m that is already fully occupied. During 2016 we welcomed three new production companies in PWP and developed a built to suit project for Saipem Group on a surface of more than 40,000 sq. m. With a strong pipeline and projects that will be finalized in the near future, we will continue the growth of PWP at the same pace or even higher pace as in the past: now that we reached a critical size more and more companies prefer to benefit from the quality and unique atmosphere in PLOIESTI WEST PARK. (CS)

Which are the challenges and opportunities for a developer and manager of logistics and industrial properties in Romania and CEE?

We see that the same flexibility that we express as developer and park manager, reflects in the business model of our clients. Not only to offer the „full package ” but also to listen and adapt to the needs of the clients. We see that more and more customers want to fully outsource their business space needs in a flexible, qualitative and cost efficient manner. ALINSO GROUP and PLOIESTI WEST PARK have both the track record and capabilities to answer to this need. (IL)

What is your outlook regarding the potential for Romania to maintain increased foreign investments?

The agility and flexibility of the Romanian people, the technical skills and the growth and further development of the infrastructure and the political stability will further attract foreign investors to Romania. (MC)  

Do the acquisitions and projects launched by other developers impact the market? Are you considering developments in regional cities, elsewhere in Romania?

The fact that other developers come to Romania is the proof that there is a lot of demand and many developers see the potential of Romania. Every new end customer in Romania, whether it is through ALINSO or another developer, brings value to the country.  Every new customer brings directly or indirectly new customers.  ALINSO GROUP has the capabilities and ambition to develop also in other regions and cities of Romania. (CS/MC)   



Christophe Stroobant, COO Alinso Group - Ivan Lokere, CEO Alinso Group    Marcel  Constantin, Manager Finance and Administration Romania