Europe Remains the Most Profitable Destination for US Investors

Europe Remains the Most Profitable Destination for US Investors

source: AmCham Romania 

  • Europe remains among the most attractive long-term places in the world for US investors
  • The future transatlantic partnership is critical to the long-term health of the global economy
  • Romania, not only a beneficiary but also a contributor to Europe's economic competitiveness, by reinforcing its unique advantages while also fixing the gaps towards other European countries

The American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham Romania) promoted the particular significance of strengthening the transatlantic economic relations during a special business conference held in Bucharest on October 13, 2015, having as guest speaker the American economist, Joseph Quinlan, author of the study The Case for Investing in Europe - Why US Firms Should Stay the Course. This initiative is part of the common agenda undertaken by the AmChams in Europe network, AmCham Romania included.

According to the report promoted by AmCham, the advantages that make Europe the most profitable destination for US investments include among others Europe’s size and wealth, the fact that 15 of the top 25 countries known for ease of doing business are located in Europe, according to a ranking provided by the World Bank, or the fact that many of the European economies are among the most competitive in the world (6 are in the top 10). Moreover, Europe is no slouch when it comes to innovation and knowledge-based activities.

"Europe matters" is the firm message sent by the author of the The Case for Investing in Europe study to all American investors during the Bucharest conference. Joseph Quinlan expressed his confidence that: "transatlantic economic relations are worth the efforts of the two trading partners to overcome the existing challenges, the already massive presence of American investments in Europe offering this region the greatest external influence on the welfare of American companies. The opportunities that are emerging within the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – TTIP will be beneficial not only for Europe and the US, but also for the long-term health of the global economy.”

Regarding Romania’s attractiveness for US investments, H.E. Mr. Hans Klemm, US Ambassador in Bucharest, noted that: „Romania is blessed with considerable resources. With a highly educated, multi-lingual, tech savvy population, Romania is well positioned to attract investors, and to serve as an investor’s launch pad for the region. It is also fortunate to have diversified natural resources. Lastly, Romania’s strategic location offers great potential. At the border of the Europe Union, it is also at a crossroad. Realizing that Romania’s location offers the promise of increased economic ties with EU aspirant nations and beyond, smart investors would seek out a transparent, stable and predictable Romania. Romania should seek, incentivize and secure investments that would ultimately benefit its citizens through jobs and access to secure energy.”

During the conference, the key message expressed by Daniela Nemoianu, AmCham Romania President, referred to Romania’s need to move ahead from its beneficiary position inside EU and become an active contributor to Europe's economic competitiveness. “Romania needs to contribute to increasing Europe's global competitiveness and to position itself as a solid EU member state able to fulfil its strategic responsibilities and to capitalize on its strengths and values. We strongly believe that Romania’s future is not solely linked to the economic performance of the large multinational companies present here, but to the success of entrepreneurs and SMEs able to compete locally and internationally.”

The 2015 edition of The Case for Investing in Europe report illustrates the scale of bilateral trade relations between the US and Europe,can be read here