ALINSO GROUP congratulates SAIPEM for the inauguration of its base in PLOIESTI WEST PARK

ALINSO GROUP congratulates SAIPEM  for the inauguration of its base in PLOIESTI WEST PARK

With over 50 000 employees, 129 nationalities, presence in over 69 countries and more than 60 years of presence in the sector, Saipem , one of PLOIESTI WEST PARK’s newest customers, is opening its new plant in PLOIESTI WEST PARK.

In 2015 Saipem rented a built to suit project within PLOIESTI WEST PARK to set-up one of their largest bases.

Headquartered in Italy, San Donato Milanese, Saipem is a dynamic, energy-focused company operating in the Engineering & Construction and Drilling  businesses with a strong bias towards oil & gas-related activities in remote areas and deep-waters. 

“We excel in the provisioning of engineering, procurement, project management and construction services, with distinctive skills and capabilities in the design and execution of large-scale offshore and onshore projects. We also offer cutting-edge technologies for the gas monetization and heavy oil exploitation”

The company chose PLOIESTI WEST PARK due to the fact that Prahova County is an area with a long oil and gas tradition and expertise and with a very good geographical location enabling Saipem to be close to their customers, partners and relevant markets.

Ploiesti West park has developed meanwhile more than 150 ha in less than 5 years and is with 300 ha by far the biggest business park in SE-Europe.

PLOIESTI WEST PARK also hosts : Unilever, British American Tobacco, Schlumberger, Coficab, Honeywell, The Toro Company, Halliburton, Global Enterprises, Odjfell Well Services, Kami, Farmexpert, Lubbers Transport Group, Bianor, Pas Technologies, Neil Brothers, Chryso, Proseal, Rhein Vision, Euro NDT Inspections….

ALINSO GROUP CEO Ivan Lokere sees a continued growth of investments in PLOIESTI WEST PARK as more and more companies are convinced of the duties of the region, such as the availability of competent technical workforce at reasonable cost, the good geographical location and the ever improving infrastructure in the area.