Launch of TECH LANE, the new business park in Ghent, at the MIPIM

TECH LANE GHENT is the name of the new business park developments to the South of Ghent. Along with the 35-acre Eiland Zwijnaarde, the 52-acre Technology Park Ardoyen will be repositioned as ‘Tech Lane Ghent Science Park’. The site can accommodate knowledge-intensive firms in sectors like IT, life sciences, materials research and logistics. The Technology Park currently hosts 60 research-oriented companies, employing about 1,700 people. Along the River Scheldt and Ghent’s peripheral canal, a 20-acre waterfront logistics business park will form ‘Tech Lane Ghent Logistics’. Add to that the ‘Tech Lane Ghent Science Park’, and you get what will be referred to as ‘Tech Lane Ghent’. “In collaboration with Ghent University, we aim to position the southern outskirts of Ghent as a metropolitan area where economic activities and technology meet”, explains Mathias De Clercq, chairman at Eiland Zwijnaarde. “Apart from R&D, we also offer accommodation and facilities for innovative companies with a clear focus on sustainability.” In addition, by developing a bimodal port platform in the south of Ghent, the city also aims to further develop sustainable mobility and logistics.

TECH LANE GHENT is a private / public partnership with Alinso Group as private partner and Waterwegen en Zeekanaal nv (W&Z), SoGent (Ghent Urban development company), POM (Provinciale development company) and PMV (Flemisch investment company) as public partners.